Quality motion activated smart shower head that solves behavioral waste in hotels

Overlooking water waste comes at a high cost

10 Billion

Gallons of water wasted in hotels per year due to warm up times

2.3 Billion

kWh of energy wasted each year in hotels due to warm up times

70 % of

Hotel guests leave the shower unattended while it’s warming up

30 % of

Hotel guests use the shower to steam their clothes

Stop your operating capital from going down the
drain with Shower Stream's smart shower solution

30,000 Dollars

Average annual utility savings per hotel with Shower Stream

Free installation

Save money and increase guest satisfaction at no cost

Shower Stream’s breakthrough technology and sleek design improve your bottom line without sacrificing guest experience.

Why Shower Stream

Shower Stream is more than an efficiency upgrade

Hotel owners need more visibility into water and energy usage across their portfolio to understand their buildings’ needs and identify solutions to improve operations.

Bathrooms are the largest source of guest generated expenses and damage for hotels. Remotely monitor and identify potential issues across your network of hotel showers to deploy timely updates and repairs before they become a bigger problem.

Preventative maintenance with Shower Stream

Big data insights gathered from our Shower Stream system can provide the information you need to implement and measure water-efficiency practices that will help get access to energy tax credits, green loans, and environmental incentives.

Energy management with Shower Stream

Join some of the top hospitality innovators

Shower Stream's patented technology is used by some of the largest hotel chains and backed by key industry leaders.