Save More than You Spend with Shower Stream

Minimize behavioral water and energy waste, lower utility bills, and identify shower-related issues in real time with Shower Stream.

A self operating smart shower system

Enjoy the benefits of a motion sensor showerhead without interfering with the guest experience or having to replace any bathroom fixtures or hardware. Shower Stream’s device is sleek, universally compatible with any existing shower heads and discreetly operates without the guest even knowing it’s there.

  • An automatic shower solution

    Once attached to the shower head, Shower Stream immediately connects to wi-fi for collecting water usage, temperature and pressure data in real time.

  • that reduces behavioral water waste

    Guests turn on the shower as usual and once the water has reached a desired temperature, our device will pause water flow to minimize unnecessary waste.

  • with advanced functionality

    Shower Stream uses superior motion sensor technology to detect guest re-entry into the shower without needing a line of sight or visual contact.

  • and optimizes guest experience.

    Upon guests’ return to the shower, our smart shower system resumes water flow at the desired temperature without any disruption to the user’s experience.

Shower Stream’s new technology addresses problems with past energy conservation methods and water saving shower heads.

Compare Shower Stream’s performance to other energy efficient products

Shower Stream produces significant utility savings with no implementation costs, so hotels experience an immediate ROI.

Number of Rooms Implementation CostUtility Savings (1 year)Break-even point (in years)
Shower Stream340$0.00$34000.000
Low-Flow Toilets379$208,450.00$79,006.001.6
Touchless Faucets340$3213.00$3,711.000.3
Low-Flow Shower Heads340$11,900.00$10,570.001.1
Water-Cooled Ice Machines8$15,200.00$3,662.004.2
Pre-Rinse Sprayer Retrofit4$648.00$296.002.2
Cooling Tower Submeter2$6,210.00$7,814.000.8

The values above are averages from actual hotel clients (credit: Burton Energy).

More than just an efficiency upgrade

Hotel owners, operators and facility managers look at a series of efficiency products and services to reduce utility costs associated with the bathroom: low-flow toilets, low-flow showerheads, touchless faucets, etc. Shower Stream delivers a superior technology with advanced utility management solutions beyond anything else on the market when comparing scalability, implementation cost, average utility savings per year and ROI. Shower Stream is also the only solution that solves the behavioral water waste problem.