IoT innovation that is solving behavioral water and energy waste

Shower Stream is driving the bathroom energy and water conservation movement for the hospitality industry.

Shower Stream is helping the hospitality industry minimize shower water waste, lower utility bills, and identify potential maintenance issues in real time through its universally compatible solution that turns any showerhead into a smart device. By using Shower Stream’s technology, hotel operators are able to reduce excessive water and energy waste while gathering key data analytics to improve operations and participate in government incentive programs for energy efficient purchases.

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Save 30K

Shower Stream is saving hotels an average of 30,000 dollars annually in utility costs per hotel.

Used by some of the largest hotel chains and backed by key industry leaders

Shower Stream’s patent-pending motion sensor technology is winning awards and support from well-recognized institutions, while making an impact within hospitality applications.

Behind the automatic shower technology

Shower Stream was founded by a team of award-winning and experienced engineers, who are bringing web-connected IoT to the commercial sector. Led by a CEO that created real-time distributed software currently running at major international corporations including Intel, Texas Instruments and Samsung, Shower Stream is bringing AI and machine learning to the last frontier of hotels — the bathroom. With forthcoming opportunities to expand the patent-pending technology across all bathroom fixtures and deploy at other commercial properties through its parent company Abstract Engineering, the team is working to solve behavioral water and energy waste at scale.

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