Hotel guest behavioral water waste

Shower Stream helps avoid hotel expenses due to guest habits that inflate utility and maintenance costs.

What are your guests doing while the shower is running and how much water is it wasting?

70 % OF

Hotel guests leave the shower unattended while it’s warming up

52 % OF

Hotel guests multi-task even after the shower water is warm

30 % OF

Hotel guests use the shower to steam their clothes


Gallons of water warm-up waste expedites bathroom wear and tear

The majority of hotel guests become distracted while waiting for the shower to heat-up. These behaviors not only waste water and energy, they also lead to increased damage to bathroom facilities. Shower water left running for unnecessarily long periods of time can cause flooding, mildew, and structural damage. Given bathrooms are the largest source of guest-generated expenses and damage for hotels, Shower Stream’s financial impact speaks for itself.

Smarter hotel maintenance

Reduce hotel operating costs with increased visibility into when and how long showers are running across a hotel portfolio. Water damage can lurk beneath the surface and become a larger issue without much warning. With Shower Stream’s data insights, hotel maintenance and facility managers can better anticipate repairs and prioritize preventative measures. Use real-time data insights to improve hotel operations across a portfolio down to the shower level.

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