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Stay informed with news articles on hotel efficiency and climate change initiatives, as well as the latest environmental incentives and regional policies on energy and water usage.

Benchmarking 101: The Bottom Line on Utility Costs

Utilities can have a massive impact on a hotel's profit. And even before the global pandemic tore through the hotel industry, those sneaky costs were growing rapidly. According to Energy Star, energy is the lodging industry's single fastest-growing operating cost. This means that many hoteliers are unwittingly flushing a growing amount of cash down the drain.

G6 Hospitality upgrades to advanced tech platform

The new platform, Above Property, has reimagined today’s siloed travel technology systems and brings a new level of speed, stability and scalability to the travel industry, according to G6.

Hospitality Outlook From Rob Palleschi, CEO of Motel 6

The hospitality industry has been among those hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic. Because of the lower occupancy and higher costs, financing has been a struggle. Adaptation is essential, Palleschi says. “We kind of brush ourselves off, and we look to the future,” he says. “This is the new normal; this is a new way to behave. How do we adapt?