Calculate your hotel’s utility savings

Bathrooms are the largest source of guest-generated expenses and most of it takes place in the shower.

How much is behavioral water waste costing you?

Estimate the impact of deploying Shower Stream’s free devices on your water and gas bills

Water Savings

Per Day $51.08
Per Month $1,583.60
Per Year $18,645.66

Gas Savings

Per Day $36.80
Per Month $1,140.83
Per Year $13,432.31

Total Savings

Per Day $87.88
Per Month $2,724.43
Per Year $32,077.97

Shower Stream is more than just an efficiency upgrade

Our device automatically connects to Wi-Fi and collects energy and water usage data that can help hotels reduce costs, improve operations and gain access to rebates that serve as additional revenue streams. Learn more about how to optimize your operations with data insights from Shower Stream.

Shower Stream's Utility Data