Hotel Water Usage

Shower Stream provides more visibility into guest water usage and subsequent damage to bathrooms.

Bathrooms are the largest source of guest-generated expenses and damage for hotels, and showers are at the center of it. The majority of hotel guests become distracted while waiting for the shower to heat-up or use the shower to steam their clothes. Often, they mistakenly leave the shower running even after they’ve left the premises. These wasteful practices result in increased water usage, inflated utility costs and additional long-term damage to bathroom facilities.

How is behavioral water waste depleting your hotel's operating costs?

70 Percent

of hotel guests leave their shower unattended while it's warming, contributing to to an estimated $5Bn in wasted water.

30 Percent

of hotel guests use the shower to steam their clothes, contributing to to 2Bn gallons of water and kWh of energy wasted per year.

Smart data insights into hotel shower water usage

Today's rising utility costs require that hotel owners have more visibility into the water usage across their portfolio to develop actionable strategies for improving their bottom line.

Avoid costs from behavioral water waste

Monthly reporting with Shower Stream reveals energy and water data including temperature, pressure, and usage in real time. Our data empowers hotel operators to identify potential maintenance issues and immediately address site-specific concerns to avoid unnecessary hotel operating costs related to showers.

Shower Stream’s big data

Access to local rebates and incentives

Hotel owners not only reduce energy and water utility costs, but earn money when they deploy Shower Stream devices. Our system automatically connects to wifi and starts collecting the essential data needed to apply for local rebates and incentives that act as additional revenue streams.

Earning money with Shower Stream

Join some of the top hospitality innovators

Shower Stream's patent-pending technology is used by some of the largest hotel chains and backed by key industry leaders.