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Shower Stream’s data enables rebates and environmental incentives that can act as additional revenue streams.

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Average utility costs and access to water conservation and energy efficiency rebates vary by region. With thousands of government-funded programs and environmental incentives across the United States, and extreme variances in local water table problems, drought conditions, and climate goals, it can be difficult to identify the optimal solution for your hotel. Shower Stream not only provides the data needed to enable these rebates and programs, but our experts help you navigate all options to find the best solution for your hotel business.

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Learn more about energy efficiency products and rebate opportunities in your region.

Read more about local policies, regulations and energy rebate programs in your area accessible by deploying Shower Stream’s device. Our resource center offers a selection of articles and reports on water conservation and ways to save energy.

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Compare Shower Stream utility savings and performance to other energy efficient bathroom hardware options on the market. With no upfront cost to deploy our device, it’s an easy decision for hotel owners looking to save and earn money.

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