The future of the smart bathroom

Shower Stream’s current device is only the first application of a broader mission to bring water conservation and energy savings to the commercial sector.

With restrooms contributing to the majority of water usage across commercial facilities in the U.S, solutions for minimizing bathroom water and energy waste within the larger industry are in high demand. Drought conditions, local water table problems, and state regulated climate and efficiency measures are further pushing businesses to identify ways to reduce consumption. Current options require adjustments to the user’s behavior or extensive installation costs and management time, so effectively combating water and energy waste has been a challenge for these institutions in the past. Shower Stream is meeting these challenges by eliminating any user interaction and enabling quick deployment for collecting data for streamlined management across facilities.

Shower Stream’s smart bathroom suite

At the forefront of bathroom behavioral water and energy waste solutions is Shower Steam’s sensor technology and data analytics software. This patent-pending human detection sensor is already saving the hospitality industry an average of $30,000 annually in utility costs per hotel with just the shower device application. With imminent opportunities to expand into the rest of the bathroom suite, Shower Stream’s data analytics program will enable businesses to measure and analyze water and energy usage with ease. The commercial sector is ready for an AI and machine learning solution that doesn’t disrupt user bathroom behavior, while improving efficiency, reducing costs, and providing access to additional revenue streams.

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Innovation for the commercial bathroom space

Shower Steam’s parent company, Abstract Engineering, is working to broaden the application of their technology to a number of bathroom fixtures within a variety of institutions.

  • College Campuses

    While some schools have already implemented sustainability plans to help reduce water use, the industry hasn’t seen a device that can track progress towards these goals down to the shower level.

  • Fitness Centers

    Constantly running showers and water fixtures are staples of any gym, yoga studio or fitness center, so owners are looking for ways to minimize water consumption without negatively impacting their fitness enthusiasts’ experience.

  • Health institutions

    Hospitals and large healthcare facilities need reliable technology that enhances operational efficiency and enables predictive facility maintenance so time and money is spent on saving lives, not utility bills.

  • Multi-use commercial properties

    Maintenance, operations and property managers have never been able to track energy and water usage in this detail with a cost-effective solution that can be deployed at scale for office and housing buildings.